Key locksmith jobs !


Everyday locksmiths attend different and varied jobs from commercial work to domestic properties, planned jobs or emergency response work. Below I will list a few of the most common jobs we attend during a busy day


This is probably the most common as a locksmith, lockouts can be because of a few reasons . Lost keys or stolen keys being the most common usually we can gain entry by non destructive methods meaning no need to change the lock but we always advise on changing the locks especially when keys have been stolen . Another common reason for lock outs is snapped keys in the lock , again we can extract the broken key and pick the lock if needed and either change the lock or cut another key to suit the lock . Also under the lock out tag is damaged or broken door mechanisms which means even with the key the door still will not open , we then use special tools to gain access to the door and fit any parts that may be broken . Most common parts are kept on the van at all times.

Upvc Repairs:

Upvc repairs are very common for a locksmith , usual we attend Door alignment issues where the door is becoming very hard to lock due to the door dropping or expanding due to the weather . Another common issue with Upvc is the fitting of new hardware including lock upgrades , handles , hinges or the locking strips which sometimes need upgrading for insurance purposes. All these issues can be checked and solved within the same visit meaning less time and cost for the customer.

Security problems

A lot of properties unfortunately are not secure enough when it comes to locks and hardware issues , we attend burglary’s though not very common and find the locks and handles are not the best or have never been changed since the doors were fitted . We then have to beef up security with the latest Antisnap locks and other security hardware devices .we attend properties with a no obligation security check so we can give advice before any problems arise

These are just a few of the common jobs we attend as locksmiths , no job is the same and no day is the same being a locksmith

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