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There are many reasons why door and window locks need fixing, replacing or fitting and you find yourself in need of a locksmith.

Locks often fail at the most inconvenient moment or when you are really busy, and it’s important that you are secured quickly and by a professional, reputable locksmith who you can trust.

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Doncaster Locks are experienced locksmiths helping customers in Scawthorpe near Doncaster to stay safe and secure. We provide free, competitive and no-obligation quotes and offer advice on the most appropriate, cost-effective solutions for all your problem door and window locks.

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Why Use UsDoor repairs in Scawthorpe, near Doncaster.

Just a few of the door problems we regularly solve. How can we help you with Door Repairs in Scawthorpe?

1 Door won’t close.
The normal cause of this problem is a dropped door, where hinges have moved or failed or a faulty lock mechanism; these can be dealt with but a general rule is if it’s difficult to operate, get it seen to.

2 Bolts sticking out.
Normally caused by a faulty locking mechanism; any good locksmith can sort this out for you.

3 Key left inside door, in the lock.
90% of the time the door can be opened with no damage.

4 Door jammed closed.
This will be caused by a failed locking mechanism in the majority of cases, but can be remedied with a minimum of damage.

5 Handle fallen off or snapped.
This speaks for itself and can be sorted out easily but you may have an underlying problem with your door that requires investigation.

6 Door difficult to operate.
Can be caused by the door being misaligned; get it checked ASAP, as it can lead to expensive repairs.

If your door problem is not listed here, then just contact us for help (we’ve seen it all

Why Use UsWindow problems in Scawthorpe, near Doncaster.

Just a few of the window problems we regularly solve. How can we help with Window Problems Doncaster?

1 Handle broken off.
An easy repair, as we stock all standard ones.

2 Key(s) Missing.
A majority of window keys can be sourced from our supply network.

3 Draughty windows.
Normally on the opposite side to the handle, either top, bottom or both, caused by the friction stays (hinges) being worn and requiring replacement; you do NOT require new windows and the parts are carried by our engineers. A draughty window can be made as good as new in under an hour.

4 Window won’t open.
Normally caused by a broken window mechanism, it can be opened and the mechanism replaced. The majority of stock is carried.

5 Window won’t close.
Can be caused by worn hinges or a broken mechanism. Either can be rectified for you.

6 Window difficult to operate.
You will normally find most closing problems in kitchens or bathrooms due to condensation. The majority of these problems can be cured by servicing your window locks and hinges.

If your window problem is not listed here, then just contact us for help.

Why Use UsLock repairs in Scawthorpe, near Doncaster.

Doncaster Locks are specialists in all types of lock repairs and offer a level of customer service that is second to none.

We are able to repair all types of locks fitted to uPVC, wood, composite, aluminium and commercial doors. These include multipoint locks fitted to uPVC and composite doors, mortice sash locks and deadlocks which are usually fitted to wooden doors; and night latches fitted on wooden doors.

We also repair sliding patio doors, specialising in tilt and slide door repairs. 

If your lock problem is not listed here, then just contact us for help.

Why Use UsLocks fitted in Scawthorpe, near Doncaster.

Doncaster Locks offer a professional lock fitting service to Scawthorpe homeowners.

We are Police approved and CRB checked to give you the assurance that you are choosing an honest and reliable company. We do not charge a call-out fee, which means if we are not able to complete the required work we will not charge you.

If your lock problem is not listed here, then just contact us for help.

Why Use Us24/7 Emergency locksmith covering Scawthorpe, near Doncaster.

Have you lost your keys, been locked out or even worse – burgled? Don’t panic, we are here to help!

We provide an emergency lock repair and replacement service, with a reliable, dedicated, knowledgeable and fast response locksmith on hand to help you out in these unfortunate circumstances.

Give us a call at any time of the day or night for a fast response.